Ceramic Injection Molding(CIM) for Custom Ceramic Parts

Top ceramic parts manufacturer: Neway focuses on ceramic injection molding and ceramic hot press molding, providing one-stop services from prototypes, and low-volume manufacturing to on-demand production.
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Ceramic Injection Molding(CIM)Vs. Ceramic Hot Pressing Molding

Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) and Ceramic Hot Pressing Molding are two advanced manufacturing processes that produce high-precision ceramic parts. Both methods have their unique advantages, tailored to different application requirements. Understanding these distinctions can help select the most appropriate technique for specific projects.
Ceramic Injection Molding(CIM
Ceramic Injection Molding(CIM
CIM is a technique where ceramic powder mixed with a polymer binder is injected into a mold. This process is similar to plastic injection molding and allows for exact production of complex shapes. After molding, the parts undergo a binder removal process, then sintering at high temperatures. The sintering process densifies the material, resulting in parts with excellent mechanical properties. CIM achieves tolerances within ±0.5% of the dimension, making it ideal for intricate components used in the medical, aerospace, and automotive industries. The process supports high-volume production, maintaining consistency and quality across batches.
Ceramic Hot Pressing Molding
Ceramic Hot Pressing Molding
Ceramic Hot Pressing involves applying pressure and heat simultaneously to the ceramic powder within a mold. This process allows for the densification of the ceramic material without the need for a binder, leading to parts with very high density and superior mechanical properties. Hot pressing can achieve near-theoretical density levels, making the parts produced extremely hard and wear-resistant. However, the shapes achievable through hot pressing are generally simpler than CIM, with tolerances around ±1%. This method is well-suited for applications requiring high material strength, such as ballistic armor and cutting tools.

Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) Materials

Custom Ceramic Injection Molding Capabilities

Neway has robust custom ceramic injection molding capabilities. As a leader in ceramic injection molded parts manufacturing, Neway is equipped with 20 sets of ceramic powder injection machines, and 8 sets of vacuum sintering furnaces. We are able to produce Max 30K pcs of custom CIM accessories per day.



Max custom part size

200×200×80 mm

7.8×7.8×3.1 in.

Min custom part size

1×2×2 mm

0.04×0.08×0.08 in.

Min wall thickness

0.4 mm

0.012 in.

Max wall thickness

6 mm

0.2 in.

Min net weight

0.1 g

Cost effective Max weight

≤ 50 g

Max net weight

250 g

Precision design reference

0.3 % part size

Min tolerance

± 0.02 mm

Cost effective MOQ

1000 pcs

Max efficiency

30K pcs per day

How Ceramic Injection Molding Works?
Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) is a sophisticated manufacturing process that merges the versatility of plastic injection molding with the advanced material properties of ceramics. It's a preferred choice for producing complex, high-precision ceramic components on a large scale.

Custom Parts Gallery

At our custom parts gallery, we understand that every project is unique. That's why we work closely with our customers to ensure that their custom parts are designed to meet their exact specifications. With our attention to detail and commitment to quality, you can trust that your custom parts will exceed your expectations.
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Why Choose Us for Custom Ceramic Parts Manufacturing?

Neway focused on custom ceramic parts manufacturing for 30 years. Our terrific R&D team and scientific DMF analysis and strong production strength ensured our CIM parts are of remarkable quality. More than 3,000 sets of common CIM mold accessories and fixtures make our prices competitive. Meanwhile, we have some real CIM cases that cooperated with well-known companies for your reference.
CIM parts Low-Volume Production
CIM parts Low-Volume Production
Neway supports low-volume CIM parts production. We consider customer satisfaction while improving CIM manufacturing quality, Therefore we support small-batch orders. At the same time, every new customer gets 20% off with the first orders to speed up the progress from concept to mass production. We are doing good for customers' business.
Short Lead Time
Short Lead Time
As a leader in ceramic injection molded parts manufacturing, Neway is equipped with 30 sets of CIM injection machines, and 8 sets of vacuum sintering furnaces. We are able to produce Max 30K custom CIM accessories per day.
Brand Companies Trusted
Brand Companies Trusted
Neway provides ceramic injection molding services to many branded companies. As a leading ceramic powder injection molding manufacturer, we produce 2 million custom MIM parts per year with high quality and competitive prices.
Competitive Price
Competitive Price
In the ceramic powder injection molding field, we built 1000 more common CIM mold accessories and customized CIM parts fixtures for free use which is an important factor in our competitive price.

Neway Ceramic Injection Molding Customization Workflow

Superb one-stop service for ceramic powder injection molding customization. We help you with parts design, DMF, and CIM mold creation to finish CIM parts. We have a scientific ceramic injection molding production process. Meanwhile, We use the PDCA method to ensure the quality of the injection molded parts, which gains us a good reputation in customizing ceramic injection molding parts.
Inquiry and Quotation
Before quoting for the custom CIM parts, Neway clearly understands all customer's specifications and requirements of the ceramic injection molding parts. We offer customers cost-effective CIM manufacturing services and fabulous products
DFM&Mold Flow Analyzing
Neway uses design for manufacturing (DFM) report and mold flow analysis for the customized CIM parts to see if it has good production feasibility and provide a more reasonable and cost-effective ceramic injection molding service
Based on the customer's demand for CIM sampling. Neway uses rapid molding or CNC machining, or 3D printing technology to manufacture the initial prototype without the CIM mold to verify the actual feasibility of MIM production.
Mold making
We create ceramic injection molds as per your design or samples. A high-precision CIM mold is the key to producing exquisite custom ceramic injection molded components
Final sample confirmation
We test the final CIM mold by sending a sample to the customer for mold confirmation to ensure that our CIM molds could produce the right precise custom ceramic molding parts.
Trial production
Before on-demand CIM production, Neway has to do a trial ceramic injection molding production to verify the CIM molding stability and cost efficiency. An unimpeachable CIM mold should have high precision, cost efficiency, and stability.
Mass production
Neway uses the scientific PDCA method to control and build relative tools to optimize ceramic injection molding production to reduce the cost of manufacturing each customized CIM component. Continuous optimization for CIM mass production will lead to more cost-effective
Quality Inspection and Transportation
As a world-class ceramic injection molding manufacturer. Neway does a full inspection of each custom-made CIM part to ensure every delivery of the custom ceramic molded parts to the customer are in unimpeachable quality.

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