Powder Compression Molding (PCM) Parts Manufacturing Service

Powder Compression Molding (PCM) has cheaper mold costs than MIM and is the best manufacturing solution for custom parts with simpler shapes.
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Powder Metallurgy Products Manufacturing Service

Comparing metal injection molding (MIM), metal powder products manufacturing is a process of pressing powdered metal into a specific shape by clamping pressure in the mold. This type of PM part had a lower shape complexity but can produce alloys with high melting points and special properties. Such as custom tungsten alloy PM parts. Meanwhile, the PM process is better cost-effective than metal injection molding in simply shaped metal parts.
Powder Metallurgy Products Manufacturing Service
  • Create larger custom parts with superb quality and competitive price using Neways metal powder pressing molding process for tungsten, copper, stainless steel, and titanium PM parts
  • Get quality custom PM parts with metal powder pressing molding from Neway, capable of producing tungsten, copper, stainless steel, and titanium parts ranging from 3mm to 350mm in size.
  • Powder metallurgy techniques can produce parts with high precision and accuracy, making it an ideal option for applications that require tight tolerances
  • The metal powder pressing molding service can be customized to create parts with specific shapes, sizes, and properties. This makes it an ideal option for creating unique parts that cannot be produced using traditional manufacturing methods
  • Powder metallurgy techniques can be used to create parts with improved material properties, such as increased strength, improved wear resistance, and better corrosion resistance

Powder Pressing Molding (PM) Materials

Neway Powder Compression Molding Capabilities

Powder compression molding is an efficient, high-precision manufacturing process ideal for producing small, complex metal and ceramic components in large volumes. Precisely compacting powdered materials in a mold produces net shape parts with excellent dimensional tolerances, surface finishes, mechanical properties, and cost-effectiveness. Discover how powder compression molding can meet your precision, small-medium-parts production needs.



Max custom part size

200×200×80 mm

7.8×7.8×3.1 in.

Min custom part size

1×2×2 mm

0.04×0.08×0.08 in.

Min wall thickness

0.4 mm

0.012 in.

Max wall thickness

6 mm

0.2 in.

Min net weight

0.1 g

Cost effective Max weight

≤ 50 g

Max net weight

250 g

Precision design reference

0.2 % part size

Min tolerance

± 0.02 mm (without post-processing)

Cost effective MOQ

1000 pcs

Max efficiency

30K pcs per day

Metal Powder Pressing Molding at Neway
Metal powder compression molding is more suitable for larger, simpler geometric metal parts such as gears than metal injection molding—especially the manufacture of cemented carbide, high melting point alloys such as tungsten, and its alloy components.

Custom Powder Metal Parts Gallery

At our custom powder metal parts gallery, we understand that every project is unique. That's why we work closely with our customers to ensure that their custom parts are designed to meet their exact specifications. With our attention to detail and commitment to quality, you can trust that your custom parts will exceed your expectations.
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Why Neway for Metal Powder Products Manufacturing Service?

Neway is 30 years experienced professional metal powder products manufacturer. We ensure product quality by means of scientific production, DFM, and the PDCA system.
We focus on offering exceptional quality and cost-effective custom powder pressing parts.
Low-Volume PM Parts Production
Low-Volume PM Parts Production
Low-volume PM parts production could speed up your project from concept to mass production. It reduced the initial cost of the custom metal powder pressing parts and allocated the PM mold cost.
30 Years Experienced
30 Years Experienced
In 30 years metal powder pressing molding production. Neway developed 1500 customized PM products. We are adept at pressing molding from design to production and offering a one-stop service.
Brand Company Trusted
Brand Company Trusted
Neway cooperates with branded companies in metal pressing molding projects. As a leading metal powder pressing molding manufacturer, we produce 2 million PM parts per year with high quality and competitive prices per year.
Competitive Price
Competitive Price
In 30 years of manufacturing and learning in powder pressing molding. We developed about 800 sets of pressing molding molds accessories and tools for public use. This leads us to relatively lower costs in initial press mold and tool creating.

Powder Metallurgy Process Workflow

Neway makes custom metal powder injection molds as per your designs. Our MIM parts manufacturing obeys a strict metal injection production process. Meanwhile, We use the PDCA method to ensure the quality of the metal injection molded parts, which gains us a good reputation in the metal powder injection molding field.
Inquiry and Quotation
You can completely trust a skilled PM parts manufacturer. Our professional engineers will analyze your needs and provide accurate quotations. At the same time, we can also make more feasible suggestions for your custom metal press molding parts
DFM&Mold Flow Analyzing
Before the production of a PM parts customization, we do a design for manufacturing (DFM) report to find any defects or concerns that may exist. This is the reason why a top-notch PM manufacturer could ensure superb quality
Sampling and Rapid Molding
Using existing mold accessories, Neway is able to quickly create a simple press mold for sampling a perfect PM part sample. This PM sample will be 100% identical to the final product. The 800 sets of optional common press mold accessories are our unique advantage.
Mold Making
In addition to high precision and high quality, we also consider applicability and economy in creating pressing molding molds. To avoid the waste of mold life to the greatest extent. Based on satisfying customers' needs, we reduced the initial cost.
Final Sample Confirmation
The final sample confirmation before pressing molding mass production allows us to see the quality of the pressing molds and also ensure that we produce the custom pressing molding part in an excellent quality
Trial Production
Why do a trial production of pressing molding? An experienced pressing molding manufacturer does a trial production to check whether the custom pressing molds have enough stability and superb quality.
Mass Production
As a pressing molding expert, Neway conducts PDCA in mass production to improve the press molding quality and efficiency on the one hand and reduce the cost of manufacturing each custom-pressing molded part on the other.
Quality Inspection and Transportation
Full inspection of each custom PM component is the basic assurance of high quality. We insist on ensuring every part our customers received is in an excellent quality

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