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Neway provides first-rate plastic and metal insert injection molding services for your custom molding parts. Get in touch with us to get your impeccable custom insert molding parts at 20% off.
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When Use Insert Molding Manufacturing Process

Learn when insert molding is the optimal manufacturing process. Embed metal inserts or encapsulate pre-assemblies into plastic parts to improve strength, aesthetics, and functionality while lowering assembly costs.
When Use Insert Molding Manufacturing Process
  • Metal threaded inserts: Enable plastic parts to have screw-machined threads. Benefits include improved strength/wear resistance and ability to assemble components.
  • Electrical components: Encapsulate connectors, sensors, or circuit boards within plastic housing. Protects electronics and facilitates assembly.
  • Fluid connectors: Mold fluid or pneumatic fittings into plastic parts like valves and pumps. Leak-proof and improves reliability.
  • Multi-material handles: Combines hard and soft plastics for ergonomic grips on tool handles. Improves comfort and control.
  • Consolidated assemblies: Inserts allow multiple components to be integrated into a single part, reducing assembly steps, labor costs, and potential defects.
  • Improved Aesthetics: Decorative films and branding inserts can be molded into plastic parts for customized, high-quality surface effects.
  • Enhanced Strength: Metal, carbon fiber, or other inserts molded into plastic can reinforce the part in strategic areas and improve wear resistance.

Insert Molding Materials

Insert Molding vs. Overmolding

Though similar, overmolding and insert molding use different techniques to integrate multiple materials into plastic parts. Learn how these two multi-material molding processes differ in terms of part design, tooling, and manufacturing advantages.


Insert Molding


Max custom part size

200×200×80 mm
7.8×7.8×3.1 in.

2000×2000×500 mm
79×79×40 in.

Min custom part size

1×2×2 mm
0.04×0.08×0.08 in.

1×3×3 mm
0.04×0.12×0.12 in.

Min wall thickness

0.4 mm
0.012 in.

0.6 mm
0.02 in.

Max wall thickness

6 mm
0.2 in.

8 mm
0.3 in.

Min net weight

0.1 g

0.3 g

Cost effective Max weight

≤ 50 g

≤ 5000 g

Max net weight

250 g

15000 g

Precision design reference

0.3 % part size

0.4 % part size

Min tolerance

± 0.02 mm

± 0.06 mm

Cost effective MOQ



Neway Custom Insert Injection Molding Service

Neway provides custom metal and plastic insert injection molding services for 30 years. Our terrific R&D team and scientific DMF analysis and strong production strength ensured remarkable quality. More than 3,000 sets of common molds and fixtures make our prices competitive. Meanwhile, we have some real cases cooperated with well-known companies for your reference.
Low Volume Insert Molding
Low Volume Insert Molding
We provide small batch custom insert molding production without setting MOQ for the insert molded parts, providing customers with flexible services with a small initial investment cost
30 years Experience Insert Moulding
30 years Experience Insert Moulding
We have been engaged in the insert moulding of customized parts for hardware and plastic parts for 30 years. We have great advantages in terms of technology and quality. We also consider customer satisfaction and provide customers with insert molding services at competitive prices.
Brand Trusted
Brand Trusted
Neway provides metal and plastic insert molding services to many branded companies. As a leading insert molding manufacturer, we produce 2 million insert molded parts per year with high quality and competitive prices.
Competitive Price
Competitive Price
Why can we provide metal and plastic insert molding services with high quality and competitive prices? This is benefits to our scientific production control methods, strict cost control system, and 30 years of accumulated experience and common mold parts and fixtures

Metal and Plastic Insert Injection Molding Workflow

Neway makes custom insert injection molds as per your designs. Our insert-molded parts manufacturing process obeys a strict insert-molding production process. Meanwhile, We use the PDCA method to ensure the quality of the insert molded parts, which gains us a good reputation in the metal powder injection molding field.
Inquiry and Quotation
Based on a full understanding of custom insert molding product requirements, we choose the most suitable process to manufacture high-quality insert molded products with the highest cost-effectiveness
DFM and Mold Flow Analyzing
Design for manufacturing (DFM) is very important in insert injection molding manufacturing, It allows us to find defects or concerns beforehand, and provide recommendations for the insert molding accessories customization
Sampling and Rapid Molding
Before creating the insert molds, we choose to use rapid molding or CNC machining, or 3D printing technology to manufacture the initial prototype to verify the actual feasibility of the custom metal or plastic insert molding production
Mold Making
We design and manufacture custom insert molds according to the most reasonable insert molding process and mold structure. A superb custom insert molding mold is the premise of providing a excellent quality product
Final Sample Confirmation
The confirmation of the final insert molding samples is to verify the rationality and feasibility of the insert mold structure. A successful insert mold is a prerequisite for producing excellent custom insert molding parts
Trial Production
A trial production before mass insert molding production is to verify the stability and reliability of the insert moulding molds. It allows us to see the consistency of the custom insert molding products and the stability of the insert molding.
Mass Production
PDCA cycle in mass production of manufacturing plastic and metal insert molding parts reduces costs of customizing insert molding parts and improves the quality of the metal insert injection parts
Quality Inspection and Transportation
As a top-notch insert moulding parts factory, Neway keeps full inspection of the insert molded parts. We use the PDCA method to improve the insert moulding production process and guarantee that every insert moulded parts received by customers are of exceptional quality all the time
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