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Custom Gravity Cast Service for You

Custom gravity cast service is a type of casting process in which a molten metal is poured into a mold using the force of gravity, without any external pressure or vacuum. This process is commonly used to produce complex and high-quality metal parts for a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and medical.
Custom Gravity Cast Service for You
  • High precision: Gravity casting can produce parts with very high dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances, making it suitable for producing complex and intricate parts.
  • Good surface finish: Gravity casting can produce parts with smooth surface finish, reducing the need for post-processing and saving time and cost.
  • Wide range of materials: Gravity casting can be used with a wide range of materials, including aluminum, magnesium, zinc, copper, and bronze, allowing for greater design flexibility.
  • Low cost: Gravity casting is a relatively low-cost casting process, making it an attractive option for small and medium-sized production runs.
  • Low tooling cost: The tooling cost for gravity casting is typically lower than other casting methods, making it an ideal choice for prototypes and low-volume production.
  • Good mechanical properties: Gravity cast parts typically have good mechanical properties and can be used in demanding applications that require high strength and durability.

Gravity Casting Materials

Neway Gravity Casting Capabilities

Neway provides low to high-volume production of precision gravity castings with our permanent mold and sand casting processes. Cast complex, high-quality aluminum, steel, iron, and bronze parts with rapid delivery.



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Gravity Cast Parts Gallery

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