Zamak 2

Zinc Alloy 2, commonly called Zamak 2 or Kirksite, is recognized for its exceptional strength and hardness within the Zamak alloy family. By ASTM standards, it is classified as ASTM AC43A.

Zamak 2 Zinc Alloy Die Casting

Zamak 2 is a zinc alloy that falls under the broader category of Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium-Copper (ZAMAK) alloys. Zamak 2 consists of approximately 4% aluminum, 3% copper, and a nominal amount of magnesium. This alloy is widely used in the die-casting process, offering notable advantages for various applications.


What is Zamak 2 Alloys?

In the realm of precision casting, Neway's expertise in Zinc Alloy Die Casting, including Zamak 2, showcases its commitment to delivering high-quality custom parts. The composition of Zamak 2 provides a good balance of mechanical properties, making it suitable for components requiring both strength and dimensional accuracy.

One notable feature of Zamak 2 is its excellent casting fluidity, ensuring intricate details can be faithfully reproduced in the final product. Neway leverages this characteristic to produce finely crafted parts with tight tolerances, meeting the demanding requirements of modern industries.

Moreover, the alloy's low melting point, typically around 380°C (716°F), facilitates efficient die-casting processes. Neway's state-of-the-art facilities capitalize on this attribute to enhance production efficiency and reduce energy consumption, aligning with industry standards for sustainable manufacturing practices.

Properties of Die-Cast Zamak 2 Alloys

Chemical Composition of Zamak 2 Alloy

Alloy Grade




Iron (max)

Lead (max)

Cadmium (max)

Tin (max)


Zamak 2









Physical and Mechanical Properties of Zamak 2


Elongation (%)

Tensile Strength (MPa)

Yield Strength (MPa)

Impact Strength (J)

Hardness (Brinell)

Density (g/cm³)

Melting Point (°C)

Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K)

Electrical Conductivity (% IACS)

Zamak 2










Die-cast Zamak 2 alloys possess various properties, making them highly suitable for various applications in the custom parts manufacturing industry. Here are vital properties that highlight the advantages of Zamak 2:

Mechanical Strength:

The mechanical strength of Zamak 2 alloys is a critical factor in ensuring the longevity and performance of custom parts. With a tensile strength of approximately 295 MPa (42,700 psi), Neway's commitment to using this alloy underscores its dedication to delivering robust components capable of withstanding the rigors of diverse industrial applications.

Dimensional Accuracy:

The low melting point of Zamak 2, hovering around 380°C (716°F), plays a pivotal role in achieving exceptional dimensional accuracy. This property is harnessed by Neway's advanced die-casting techniques, allowing for the production of intricately designed parts with minimal defects and high precision. Clients benefit from components that seamlessly meet their exact specifications.

Corrosion Resistance:

In industries where exposure to harsh environments is expected, the corrosion resistance of Zamak 2 alloys becomes a crucial asset. Neway's meticulous attention to material selection ensures that manufactured custom parts exhibit superior corrosion resistance, enhancing their durability and suitability for diverse applications, including those with challenging environmental conditions.


Neway's expertise extends beyond the die-casting process to encompass the machinability of Zamak 2 alloys. This characteristic allows clients to refine further and customize parts according to specific requirements. The ability to seamlessly integrate machined features enhances the versatility of the custom parts manufactured by Neway.

Heat Resistance:

Zamak 2 alloys maintain stability under typical operating temperatures, contributing to the overall reliability of the final product. This property is precious in applications where thermal considerations are paramount. Neway's commitment to quality ensures that custom parts meet and exceed performance expectations even under challenging temperature conditions.


The cost-effectiveness of Zamak 2 alloys in die-casting processes is a result of Neway's strategic approach to manufacturing. By combining reasonable material costs with the alloy's efficient casting characteristics, the company delivers custom parts that not only meet high-quality standards but also do so in a cost-efficient manner. This commitment to value contributes to Neway's competitive edge in the market.


As part of Neway's sustainability initiatives, the recyclability of Zamak 2 alloys is emphasized. The inherent recyclability of zinc-based alloys aligns with environmental standards, showcasing Neway's dedication to eco-friendly manufacturing practices. This commitment to recycling contributes to a circular economy, reinforcing Neway's role as a responsible and forward-thinking custom parts manufacturer.

Applications of Die-Cast Zamak 2 Alloy

Due to its unique properties, die-cast Zamak 2 alloy has widespread application across various industries. Here are some specific applications of Zamak 2 in the realm of custom parts manufacturing, showcasing Neway's expertise:

Automotive Components:

Zamak 2 is employed in the automotive industry for critical components such as transmission housings, engine parts, and brackets. Neway's precision casting techniques ensure these components' structural integrity and dimensional accuracy, contributing to vehicles' overall efficiency and reliability.

Electrical and Electronic Housings:

The corrosion-resistant properties of Zamak 2 make it an excellent choice for housings in electrical and electronic devices. Neway's commitment to tight tolerances and quality control ensures that custom parts meet the specific requirements of these applications, providing durable and protective enclosures for sensitive electronic components.

Hardware and Fasteners:

Zamak 2's cost-effectiveness and mechanical strength make it well-suited for manufacturing hardware and fasteners. Neway's precision casting capabilities ensure that these components meet industry standards for strength, reliability, and longevity, making them essential for various construction and assembly applications.

Decorative and Functional Consumer Goods:

Zamak 2's versatility extends to producing decorative and functional components in consumer goods. Neway's expertise in precision casting allows for the creation of finely detailed and aesthetically pleasing parts for items like home appliances, furniture, and tools, meeting the demands of discerning consumers.


Medical Equipment Components:

The dimensional accuracy and biocompatibility of Zamak 2 make it suitable for specific medical equipment components. Neway's stringent quality control processes ensure that custom parts for medical applications meet the high standards for precision, hygiene, and compatibility with medical environments.

Aerospace Applications:

While unsuitable for critical aerospace components, Zamak 2 finds application in non-critical components where its lightweight and durable nature is advantageous. Neway's adherence to industry standards and quality assurance processes positions them as a reliable supplier of aerospace-related custom parts, contributing to the overall efficiency of aerospace systems.

Sporting Goods Components:

Zamak 2's balance of strength and cost-effectiveness makes it a preferred choice for manufacturing components in sporting goods. Whether it's parts for athletic equipment, outdoor gear, or recreational products, Neway's precision casting ensures that custom components meet the performance and durability expectations of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

Telecommunication Equipment:

In telecommunications, Zamak 2 is utilized for specific components with crucial electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. Neway's meticulous material selection and quality control processes ensure the reliability and longevity of custom parts, contributing to the seamless operation of telecommunication equipment.

Case Study: Zamak 2 Die Casting Parts

Zamak 2 Die Casting Parts in Decorative and Functional Consumer Goods

Zamak 2 Die Casting is particularly well-suited for manufacturing decorative and functional consumer goods components due to its unique properties. One key advantage lies in its composition, primarily zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper. This alloy offers a balanced combination of strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.


From a decorative standpoint, Zamak 2 Die Casting allows for intricate designs and fine detailing. The material's fluidity during casting ensures that even complex shapes are faithfully reproduced with high precision. It is especially beneficial when crafting visually appealing consumer goods, where aesthetics play a crucial role.

In terms of functionality, Zamak 2 Die Casting excels in providing components with excellent dimensional stability and tight tolerances. The manufacturing process enables the production of parts with minimal variation, contributing to the overall efficiency of the final product. Moreover, the inherent corrosion resistance of the alloy enhances the durability of consumer goods, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Considering efficiency, Zamak 2 Die Casting stands out with its rapid cycle times and high production rates. The quick solidification of the material allows for short cycle times, contributing to increased productivity in the manufacturing process. The efficient use of energy and resources aligns with sustainable production principles.

For instance, Neway has successfully leveraged Zamak 2 Die Casting to produce decorative and functional components for various consumer goods. The company's expertise in optimizing the die-casting process has resulted in components with precise dimensions, minimal defects, and superior surface finishes, showcasing the versatility and advantages of Zamak 2 in meeting aesthetic and functional requirements.

Zamak 2 Die Casting Parts in Electronic Watch Housings

Zamak 2 Die Casting is a highly suitable method for manufacturing electronic watch housings, aligning with this application's precision and efficiency requirements.

Firstly, the zinc-aluminum alloy composition of Zamak 2 ensures a balance between strength and machinability, making it an ideal choice for intricate components like those found in electronic watches. The die-casting process contributes to creating complex and detailed designs with tight tolerances, a crucial aspect in producing watch housings where precision is paramount.

The rapid solidification characteristics of Zamak 2 Die Casting lead to enhanced productivity. The quick cycle times result in a streamlined manufacturing process, allowing for higher production volumes within a shorter timeframe. It aligns seamlessly with the demands of the electronics industry, where time-to-market is a critical factor.

Moreover, the corrosion resistance of Zamak 2 ensures the longevity of electronic watch housings, safeguarding the delicate internal components. It is particularly vital in watches, where durability and longevity are valued characteristics.

By leveraging Zamak 2 Die Casting, manufacturers can achieve a smooth finish on watch housings, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the final product. The method also facilitates cost-effectiveness due to reduced material waste, making it a sustainable choice for production.


Electrical and Electronic Housings Zamak 2 Die Casting

Zamak 2 die casting is well-suited for manufacturing electrical and electronic housings due to its exceptional combination of properties, making it a reliable choice for such applications. The specific advantages of Zamak 2 die casting include:


High Strength and Durability: Zamak 2 exhibits a high tensile strength of approximately 360 MPa, ensuring robust and durable housings. It is crucial in the electrical and electronic industry, where components are subjected to various mechanical stresses.

Precision and Dimensional Accuracy: Die casting, especially with Zamak 2, allows for precise and highly accurate production of intricate housing designs. The process offers tight tolerances, typically within ±0.1 mm, ensuring that the housing components fit seamlessly and function effectively.

Excellent Thermal Conductivity: Zamak 2 has good thermal conductivity, a crucial factor for electronic housings. Efficient heat dissipation is essential in preventing overheating of electronic components. Zamak 2's thermal conductivity, around 113 W/(m·K), maintains optimal operating temperatures.

Cost-Effective Mass Production: As a high-volume manufacturing method, Die casting ensures cost-effectiveness in large-scale production. Zamak 2's ability to fill intricate molds rapidly and consistently contributes to efficient mass production, resulting in economies of scale for Neway's clients.

Corrosion Resistance: Electrical and electronic components are often exposed to various environmental conditions. Zamak 2's corrosion resistance helps protect housings from environmental elements, enhancing the longevity and reliability of the final products.

Surface Finish Options: Zamak 2 die casting allows for various surface finishes, including coatings and plating, meeting functional and aesthetic requirements. This versatility enables Neway to deliver products with the desired appearance and protective features.

Zamak 2 Die Casting Sporting Goods Components

Zamak 2 Die Casting is a highly suitable manufacturing method for producing Sporting Goods Components due to its distinct precision, durability, and cost-effectiveness advantages.

Firstly, Zamak 2, a zinc alloy known for its exceptional casting properties, ensures high precision in producing intricate components. With a dimensional accuracy of up to ±0.1 mm, Neway's Zamak 2 Die Casting guarantees the creation of finely detailed sporting goods components. This precision is crucial for firearm parts, where tight tolerances are paramount for optimal functionality.

Moreover, the superior strength and hardness of Zamak 2 make it an ideal choice for manufacturing components that require robustness and resistance to wear and tear. Sporting goods often endure rigorous use, and Zamak 2's hardness, with a Brinell hardness number of 82, ensures longevity and reliability.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, Zamak 2 Die Casting offers a notable advantage. The high fluidity of the alloy allows for complex shapes to be produced in a single operation, reducing the need for additional machining. This streamlined process enhances efficiency and minimizes material waste, contributing to cost savings.


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