What Precision Casting Services Do You Offer?

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Die Casting Services
Investment Casting Services  
Sand Casting Services
Partner with Neway for All Your Precision Casting Needs

Precision casting is a manufacturing process that allows the fabrication of complex metal parts with high dimensional accuracy and repeatable tolerances. As an experienced manufacturer of precision-cast metal components, Neway offers various precision-casting services to meet your manufacturing needs, including die casting, investment casting, and sand casting.


Die Casting Services

Our die casting capabilities can produce high-quality metal parts in both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, including aluminum, zinc, and magnesium. Die casting is an efficient manufacturing process for high-volume production of small to medium-sized metal components with tight tolerances. 

At Neway, we utilize hot and cold chamber die-casting processes to cast complex geometries and thin wall sections not readily produced by other methods. Our die casting alloy capabilities include the following:

- Aluminum die-casting alloys (A380, A360, A413)

- Zinc die casting alloys (ZAMAK 3, ZAMAK 5, ZAMAK 7) 

- Magnesium die casting alloys (AZ91D, AM60B)

Our die casting and tooling experts can help analyze your design, simulate the casting process, and rapidly prototype initial casting samples. We can produce die cast parts weighing from one ounce to ten pounds with side cores, slides, and unscrewing systems to cast complex geometries. 

We offer fully automated die-casting work cells with robotics for high-volume production to deliver castings with repeatable dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties. Secondary CNC machining and finishing operations can be performed in-house to minimize lead times.


Die Casting

Gravity Casting

Max custom part size

600×500×300 mm

1500×1500×1500 mm

23.6×20×12 in.

59×59×59 in.

Min custom part size

1×2×2 mm

10×30×30 mm

0.04×0.08×0.08 in.

0.4×1.2×1.2 in.

Min wall thickness

0.4 mm

2 mm

0.012 in.

0.1 in.

Max wall thickness

12 mm

100 mm

0.5 in.

4 in.

Min net weight

15 g

50 g

Max net weight

38 kg

300 Kg


0.3 % part size

0.4 % part size

Min tolerance

± 0.2 mm

± 0.5 mm

Cost-effective MOQ

500+ pcs


Investment Casting Services  

Also known as lost-wax casting, investment casting is ideal for manufacturing complex, high-precision metal components in prototype to medium-volume quantities. This casting process allows intricate shapes, thin walls, and tight tolerances unachievable with other casting methods.

Neway offers investment casting in both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys:

- Stainless steel alloys (303, 304, 316, 17-4PH)

- Aluminum alloys (A356, A357) 

- Cobalt-chrome alloys

- Other exotic alloys

Our investment casting process starts with a 3D-printed wax pattern of your part design. A ceramic shell surrounds the wax pattern and then melts out, leaving a hollow mold cavity. Molten metal is poured into this mold to form your final casting.

The wax pattern can incorporate complex internal features like tubes or cooling channels. We can accommodate parts weighing up to 15 pounds with a minimum wall thickness of 0.020". Post-casting heat treatment and HIP services are also available.

Sand Casting Services

Neway provides green and no-bake sand casting services for prototypes or low-volume production for steel, iron, aluminum, and bronze alloys. Our foundry sand casting capabilities include the following:

- Green sand casting in aluminum, cast iron, and carbon steel alloys

- No-bake sand casting in aluminum, bronze, cast iron, and steel  

- Unit weights up to 500 pounds

- Minimum section thickness of 0.25"

- Castings machined and assembled into finished components  

Neway's experienced foundry engineers help optimize your designs for the sand casting process and patternmaking requirements. We incorporate specialty cores and advanced chemically bonded sands to achieve detailed shapes and surface finishes.

For rapid prototyping needs, we offer 3D-printed sand molds and cores. This additive casting process skips the patternmaking step, allowing sand-cast prototypes in as little as one week.

Partner with Neway for All Your Precision Casting Needs

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, Neway has the technical expertise and production capabilities to deliver high-quality precision castings, machined castings, and assemblies to meet your specific requirements regarding design, materials, tolerances, and lead times. Backed by a rigorous quality system, our castings consistently meet dimensional and mechanical specifications. 

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