Zamak 3

Zamak 3, often called Zinc Alloy 3, is recognized as one of North America's most widely used zinc alloys, bearing the ASTM grade AG40A.

Zinc Alloy Zamak 3 Die Casting

Zamak 3 is a zinc alloy with significant relevance in metal manufacturing, particularly in die-casting. Comprising primarily of zinc with small proportions of aluminum, magnesium, and copper, Zamak 3 is renowned for its exceptional mechanical properties and ease of casting.


In the context of Neway's manufacturing capabilities, Zamak 3 plays a pivotal role in the die-casting method. The alloy's composition, with approximately 4% aluminum, 0.035% magnesium, and 0.02% copper, contributes to its impressive combination of strength and flexibility. It makes it a preferred choice for applications requiring intricate designs and precision.

In die casting at Neway, Zamak 3 offers noteworthy advantages. The alloy's melting point is around 385°C (725°F), ensuring efficient and energy-effective processing. With a 6.6 g/cm³ density, it provides components with a solid structure while maintaining a streamlined manufacturing process.

The die-casting process with Zamak 3 at Neway allows tight tolerances, with a typical dimensional accuracy of ±0.1 mm. This precision is crucial in meeting the exacting standards of various industries, including automotive, electronics, and consumer goods.

Furthermore, Zamak 3 demonstrates excellent surface finish characteristics, minimizing the need for extensive post-processing. Neway leverages this quality to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the final components, showcasing a commitment to delivering top-notch custom parts.

Properties of Zamak 3 Alloy

Zamak 3 Chemical Composition

Alloy Grade




Iron (max)

Lead (max)

Cadmium (max)

Tin (max)


Zamak 3









Zamak 3 Physical and Mechanical Properties


Elongation (%)

Tensile Strength (MPa)

Yield Strength (MPa)

Impact Strength (J)

Hardness (Brinell)

Density (g/cm³)

Melting Point (°C)

Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K)

Electrical Conductivity (% IACS)

Zamak 3










Zamak 3, a zinc alloy frequently employed in die casting, boasts distinct properties that make it a valuable choice for various industrial applications. Here are some key characteristics of Zamak 3 alloy:

Microstructure and Composition:

  • Zamak 3's microstructure, characterized by a eutectic zinc-aluminum phase, contributes to its excellent castability. The alloy's precise composition ensures a balanced combination of strength, ductility, and fluidity during casting.

Tensile and Yield Strength:

  • The tensile strength of Zamak 3, ranging between 215-250 MPa, makes it well-suited for applications requiring structural integrity. Its yield strength, typically within 140-170 MPa, ensures reliability under varying loads, a crucial factor in manufacturing robust components.

Melting Point and Casting Efficiency:

  • Zamak 3's relatively low melting point of 385°C (725°F) facilitates energy-efficient casting processes. The alloy's quick solidification characteristics reduce cycle times, enhancing manufacturing efficiency.

  • Density and Weight Considerations:

    • With a density of 6.6 g/cm³, Zamak 3 strikes a balance between strength and weight. This property is particularly advantageous in applications where lightweight yet sturdy components are essential, such as automotive and aerospace industries.

  • Dimensional Accuracy and Tight Tolerances:

    • Neway's Zamak 3 die-casting expertise ensures exceptional dimensional accuracy, typically achieving tolerances within ±0.1 mm. This precision is crucial in meeting the stringent requirements of industries like electronics and medical devices.


Surface Finish and Aesthetics:

  • Zamak 3's ability to yield components with excellent surface finishes minimizes the need for extensive post-processing. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of the parts and contributes to cost-effectiveness in production.

Corrosion Resistance and Durability:

  • The alloy's inherent corrosion resistance ensures the manufactured parts' longevity and durability, making it a reliable choice for components exposed to varying environmental conditions.

Machinability and Processing Efficiency:

  • Zamak 3's favorable machinability allows for efficient processing and fabrication of custom parts. It contributes to streamlined production processes, meeting the demands of Neway's one-stop service approach.

Zamak 3's comprehensive properties align seamlessly with Neway's commitment to delivering high-quality, precision-engineered custom parts. The alloy's versatility and performance make it a cornerstone in Neway's diverse portfolio of manufacturing methods, particularly in die casting for intricate and demanding applications.

Zamak 3 Die Casting Applications

Zamak 3 die casting finds extensive applications across diverse industries thanks to its unique combination of mechanical properties, casting efficiency, and design flexibility. As a custom parts manufacturer, Neway leverages Zamak 3 alloy in die casting for various applications, ensuring precision and reliability. Here are some key areas where Zamak 3 die casting excels:


Automotive Components:

Zamak 3 is extensively used in the automotive sector for intricate components like door handles and decorative trim. Neway's proficiency in Zamak 3 die casting ensures that these components meet strict industry standards for aesthetics and functionality. The lightweight nature of the alloy contributes to fuel efficiency, a critical factor in modern automotive design.

Electronics and Electrical Housings:

Zamak 3's corrosion resistance and excellent casting characteristics make it an ideal choice for electronic and electrical applications. Neway applies this alloy in producing electronic device connectors, housings, and brackets. The company's commitment to precision in Zamak, three die casting, aligns with the demands of the electronics industry for reliable and durable components.

Consumer Goods:

Neway's use of Zamak 3 in die casting extends to manufacturing consumer goods, including handles, knobs, and decorative elements. The alloy's ability to replicate intricate details accurately enhances the aesthetic appeal of these products. Neway's streamlined production process ensures efficiency in delivering high-quality components for diverse consumer applications.

Medical Devices:

Zamak 3's biocompatibility and tight tolerances make it suitable for specific medical applications. Neway's precision in Zamak 3 die casting is critical in producing instrument housings, brackets, and specialized connectors for medical devices, where reliability and accuracy are paramount.

Industrial Equipment:

Zamak 3 is reliable for manufacturing industrial components like pump parts and valves. Neway's application of the alloy in die casting contributes to the longevity and reliability of these critical elements, meeting the demands of the industrial sector for robust and corrosion-resistant materials.

Decorative Applications:

Neway leverages Zamak 3 for decorative applications, producing ornamental pieces, badges, and artistic components. The alloy's aesthetic appeal and Neway's attention to detail in the die-casting process produce high-quality decorative elements for various purposes.

Aerospace Components:

Zamak 3 finds applications in the aerospace industry, where its strength-to-weight ratio is crucial. Neway's expertise in die casting ensures that components such as brackets, fasteners, and interior fittings meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace sector for lightweight yet durable materials.

Plumbing Fixtures:

Zamak 3's corrosion resistance suits plumbing fixtures such as faucets and handles. Neway's expertise in die casting ensures that these components withstand water exposure and meet the durability requirements of plumbing applications.

Case Study: Zamak 3 Die Casting Parts Manufacturing

Zamak 3 Die Cast Massager Handles Manufacturing

Producing Zamak 3 die-cast massager handles involves precision and expertise, aligning with Neway's commitment to delivering top-notch custom parts. Zamak 3, a zinc-aluminum alloy, is an excellent choice for die casting due to its high strength and dimensional stability.

In the die-casting process, molten Zamak 3 is injected into a steel mold, ensuring intricate details and a smooth finish. Neway's die-casting capabilities, encompassing both hot and cold chamber methods, provide flexibility in meeting diverse client requirements.

Neway employs advanced die-casting machines with a tolerance range of ±0.1 mm for dimensional accuracy, ensuring consistency and adherence to design specifications. This precision is critical, particularly for ergonomic massager handles where user comfort is paramount.

Zamak 3 enhances the handles' durability, corrosion resistance, and heat dissipation, contributing to an extended product lifespan. Neway's commitment to quality is evident in its adherence to stringent industry standards, including ISO 9001, maintaining efficiency and reliability throughout production.

In terms of efficiency, Neway's die-casting process boasts a production rate of up to 5,000 units per day, showcasing the company's capability to meet large-scale demands while maintaining exceptional quality. Advanced automation further augments this efficiency, reducing lead times and ensuring prompt client delivery.


Zamak 3 Die Cast Bottle Cap Customization

Customizing Zamak 3 die-cast bottle caps requires a delicate balance between precision engineering and aesthetic appeal, and Neway excels in delivering tailored solutions to meet diverse client needs.


The die-casting process at Neway ensures that each bottle cap is meticulously crafted with a tolerance level of ±0.05 mm, guaranteeing a snug fit and reliable seal on the bottle. This precision is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the contents and preventing leakage.

Zamak 3's inherent characteristics, including high fluidity during the die-casting process, enable intricate designs and delicate detailing on the bottle caps. Neway's state-of-the-art die-casting machines, operating around 440°C, ensure the molten alloy flows smoothly into the molds, capturing even the most intricate features.

The customization options at Neway are extensive, ranging from embossed logos and brand names to unique textures and finishes. Neway can achieve a range of surface finishes, from polished and matte to textured, utilizing advanced injection molding techniques, providing a premium look and feel to the bottle caps.

Efficiency is a hallmark of Neway's production process. With a cycle time as low as 15 seconds per cap, the company achieves a daily output exceeding 20,000 units. This high efficiency and rigorous quality control system ensures clients receive aesthetically pleasing and functionally reliable bottle caps within tight timelines.

Zamak 3 Bag Hardware Die Casting Supplier

Regarding bag hardware die casting, Zamak 3 stands out as a versatile and reliable material, and Neway's proficiency in this domain ensures the production of high-quality custom components.

The die-casting process at Neway guarantees precision, with a tolerance level of ±0.1 mm. It is particularly crucial for bag hardware, where components like buckles, clasps, and fasteners require exact specifications to ensure seamless functionality and durability.

Zamak 3's excellent flowability at high temperatures facilitates the intricate detailing and complex geometries often associated with bag hardware. Neway's die-casting machines, operating around 440°C, ensure the molten alloy fills the molds uniformly, creating finely crafted hardware pieces.

Customization is a crucial strength at Neway. The company offers a range of surface finishes for bag hardware, from polished and brushed to antique and matte, allowing clients to align the hardware aesthetics with their brand identity. Additionally, Neway can incorporate brand logos and unique designs, enhancing the visual appeal of the bag hardware.

Efficiency is paramount in the production process, and Neway achieves impressive results with a production rate of up to 8,000 pieces per day. This high throughput is complemented by Neway's commitment to quality control, ensuring that each bag hardware component meets the specified standards for strength, durability, and finish.


The durability of Zamak 3 makes it an ideal choice for bag hardware, providing resistance to corrosion and wear. Neway's dedication to quality extends to comprehensive testing, including stress tests and corrosion resistance assessments, ensuring that the bag hardware withstands the rigors of daily use.

Zinc Alloy Zamak 3 Die Casted Fasteners

Zinc Alloy Zamak 3 is an excellent choice for die-casted fasteners due to its remarkable properties. The die-casting process, a precision method employed by Neway, ensures that these fasteners meet the highest industry standards.


Zamak 3, composed of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper, offers a winning combination of strength and cost-effectiveness. In die casting, molten Zamak 3 is injected into high-quality steel molds, creating fasteners with tight tolerances. The die-casting process employed by Neway ensures precision with tolerances as low as ±0.05 mm, guaranteeing a snug fit and optimal functionality.

The inherent corrosion resistance of Zamak 3, with a salt spray resistance of over 120 hours, makes these die-casted fasteners ideal for diverse applications, from automotive to electronics. Neway's commitment to quality extends beyond production, as each fastener undergoes rigorous testing to meet or exceed industry standards.

Moreover, the efficiency of the die-casting method employed by Neway is notable. With cycle times as short as 15 seconds, Neway ensures high productivity without compromising the quality of the fasteners. This efficiency translates into client cost savings without sacrificing the precision required for critical applications.

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