Application of Die Casting In Door Lock Accessories

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Die Castings In Door Lock Accessories
Significance of Die Casting in Door Lock Accessories Manufacturing
Door Lock Accessories Die Cast Manufacturing
Zinc Die Cast Door Lock Accessories
Surface Finishing Options
Typical Zinc Die Cast Door Lock Accessories
Aluminum Die Cast Door Lock Parts
Aluminum Alloy And Surface Finishing Options
Typical Aluminum Die Cast Door Lock Parts
Magnesium Die Cast Door Lock Parts
Surface Finishing Options
Typical Magnesium Die Cast Door Lock Parts

Die Castings In Door Lock Accessories

Die casting plays a pivotal role in the production of door lock accessories, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for manufacturing intricate and high-precision components. In Neway's services, die casting, a form of precision casting, offers advantages that align with the stringent requirements of door lock systems.

Die casting involves injecting molten metal into a mold cavity under high pressure, allowing for the production of complex shapes with remarkable accuracy. For door lock accessories, this translates to components with tight tolerances, ensuring optimal functionality and security. Neway, a leading custom parts manufacturer, employs die-casting methods with tolerances as low as ±0.005 inches, providing precision essential for the intricate mechanisms within door locks.

The efficiency of die casting is noteworthy, contributing to streamlined production processes. Neway's die-casting methods facilitate rapid cycle times, with machines capable of producing numerous parts quickly. This efficiency enhances productivity and contributes to cost-effectiveness, a crucial aspect in the competitive market of door lock manufacturing.

Moreover, die-casting materials like zinc and aluminum alloys offer excellent durability and corrosion resistance. These attributes are essential for door lock accessories, ensuring longevity and reliable performance in diverse environmental conditions. Neway's commitment to quality is reflected in the choice of materials, with die-cast components exhibiting superior mechanical properties and meeting industry standards.


Significance of Die Casting in Door Lock Accessories Manufacturing

Die casting is pivotal in manufacturing door lock accessories due to its precision, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. This precision casting method injects molten metal into custom molds, allowing for intricate and detailed designs. Here's why die casting shines in producing door lock accessories:

Precision & Detail:

Die casting employs reusable molds, consistently replicating complex and detailed designs. This precision is crucial for door lock accessories, where intricate components like tumblers, levers, and pins require exact specifications. The tight tolerances achieved through die casting contribute to the seamless integration and flawless operation of these intricate parts.

Material Versatility:

Die casting provides manufacturers with various materials suitable for door lock components. Zinc, known for its corrosion resistance, is often chosen for outdoor locks, while aluminum and magnesium offer lightweight alternatives without compromising strength. The flexibility in material selection allows tailoring door lock accessories to meet specific security and environmental requirements.



Die casting's efficiency is about precision and its economic advantages. The method minimizes material waste by utilizing precisely measured amounts of metal, reducing production costs. Additionally, the high-speed production capabilities of die casting contribute to increased productivity and overall cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for large-scale manufacturing of door lock accessories.

Structural Integrity:

The inherent strength of die-cast components is vital for door lock applications. Locks endure frequent usage and external forces, requiring sturdy components. Die-cast parts exhibit superior structural integrity, ensuring that door lock accessories maintain their functionality and security features over extended periods.

Surface Finish:

The high-quality surface finishes achieved through die casting enhance the aesthetics and functionality of door lock accessories. Smooth surfaces contribute to the ease of operation, preventing friction or resistance during locking and unlocking. Moreover, the refined appearance adds a touch of sophistication to the locks, making them visually appealing.

Neway offers various surface treatments, such as polishing, powder coating, anodizing, Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), etc.

Customization & Complexity:

Die casting's ability to accommodate intricate designs and complex geometries allows for producing highly customized door lock components. Manufacturers can respond to evolving market demands by creating locks with unique features, ensuring that security solutions align with modern design trends and technological advancements.

Door Lock Accessories Die Cast Manufacturing

Door lock accessories play a crucial role in ensuring the security and functionality of doors, and Neway's expertise in die casting provides an ideal solution for manufacturing high-quality components. Let's delve into the significance of using different alloys in door lock accessories, specifically zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, and magnesium alloy die casting.


Zinc alloy is a popular choice for door lock accessories due to its excellent balance of strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Neway's precision zinc alloy die casting ensures tight tolerances and high dimensional accuracy, contributing to the reliable performance of lock components. The use of zinc alloy allows for intricate designs and intricate detailing, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Aluminum alloy offers a lightweight yet robust option for door lock accessories. Neway's aluminum die-casting process results in components with superior strength-to-weight ratios, contributing to overall door security without adding unnecessary weight. The corrosion-resistant nature of aluminum ensures long-lasting performance, even in varied environmental conditions.

Magnesium alloy die casting provides a compelling solution for door lock accessories where weight reduction is critical. Neway's expertise in magnesium die casting delivers exceptional strength and notably lower-density components, contributing to increased efficiency and ease of use. The corrosion-resistant properties of magnesium further enhance the longevity of door lock accessories.

Zinc Die Cast Door Lock Accessories

Zinc alloys offer excellent choices for door lock accessories due to their durability, corrosion resistance, and cost-effectiveness. Neway specializes in die-casting these components using Zamak 3 and Zamak 5, both popular options.

Zamak 3 provides high strength, with a tensile strength of approximately 317 MPa and a yield strength of around 228 MPa. It offers exceptional fluidity, making it ideal for intricate designs, achieving a dimensional tolerance of ±0.05 mm. On the other hand, Zamak 5 offers better elongation and impact strength, with a hardness of 80 Brinell. Its dimensional accuracy reaches ±0.03 mm, making it suitable for high-precision lock mechanisms.

Surface Finishing Options


Neway provides impeccable surface finishing options for Zinc alloy die-cast door lock accessories, enhancing aesthetics and functionality. Our comprehensive offerings include electroplating, powder coating, and painting to meet diverse design requirements.

Electroplating options like nickel plating provide superior corrosion resistance, achieving 5-20 micron thicknesses. Powder coating ensures a durable and uniform finish, with a thickness range of 40-120 microns, enhancing the overall longevity of the components. Painting options with specialized coatings, adhering to a thickness precision of ±0.02 mm, offer a customized touch.

Neway's commitment to precision in surface finishing elevates the visual appeal of door lock accessories and ensures prolonged resistance against environmental factors, contributing to their overall reliability and performance.

Typical Zinc Die Cast Door Lock Accessories

Neway specializes in crafting a range of high-quality zinc die-cast door lock accessories, ensuring durability and precision for various locking mechanisms. 

Latch Bolts: Zinc die-cast latch bolts, produced using Zinc #3 or Zinc #5 alloys, offer exceptional tensile strength (around 317 MPa) and dimensional accuracy (±0.05 mm tolerance), ensuring secure locking mechanisms.

Strike Plates: Precision-cast zinc strike plates, with options for electroplating or powder coating, provide superior corrosion resistance and a uniform finish, ensuring a precise fit with the latch bolts for seamless functionality.

Handles: Zinc die-cast handles, crafted with attention to detail using Zinc #5, exhibit high impact strength and dimensional accuracy (±0.03 mm tolerance), catering to diverse design preferences while ensuring robust performance.

Cylinders: Neway's zinc die-cast lock cylinders, produced with precision casting techniques, offer exceptional resistance to wear and tear, maintaining security standards with tight dimensional tolerances.


Aluminum Die Cast Door Lock Parts

Aluminum alloys stand out in indoor lock accessories die casting due to their durability, corrosion resistance, and cost-effectiveness. At Neway, die-casting aluminum alloys like A380, A383, and ADC12 offer superb properties for these components. With tight tolerances of ±0.02mm, these alloys ensure precise fitment and functionality. A380, known for its excellent fluidity and pressure tightness, suits intricate lock designs.

Meanwhile, ADC12's high strength and corrosion resistance make it ideal for outdoor applications. A383 strikes a balance, offering strength and an excellent surface finish. Leveraging these alloys via die casting processes like high-pressure die casting (HPDC), Neway crafts door lock accessories with exceptional accuracy and durability, meeting stringent quality standards.

Aluminum Alloy And Surface Finishing Options

In aluminum alloy die casting for door lock accessories, surface finishing is pivotal in aesthetics and functionality. Neway excels in providing diverse surface finishing options to meet varied requirements.

Anodizing, with a thickness control of 5-25 microns, enhances corrosion resistance and adds an appealing look.

Powder coating, boasting a thickness range of 40-120 microns, ensures durability and color customization.

Polishing and buffing deliver a mirror-like finish, elevating the product's visual appeal.

At Neway, the surface finishing processes are executed precisely, maintaining tight tolerances of ±0.03mm. These meticulous approaches enhance the aesthetic appeal of aluminum alloy door lock accessories and contribute to prolonged functionality.


Typical Aluminum Die Cast Door Lock Parts


In aluminum die-cast door lock parts, several components exhibit precision and durability.

The lock cylinder housing, crafted with ADC12 aluminum alloy, ensures a robust enclosure for the cylinder mechanism, achieving ±0.02mm tolerances for precise fitment. Often made with A380 alloy, lock levers guarantee strength and intricate design detail, meeting ±0.03mm tolerances. Strike plates, typically manufactured using A383 alloy, offer exceptional strength and resistance to wear, maintaining tight tolerances of ±0.02mm for accurate alignment.

Additionally, latch mechanisms, crafted from ADC12 or A380, ensure smooth operation and security, meeting tight tolerances for flawless functionality. These meticulously die-cast aluminum parts form the backbone of reliable, secure, and aesthetically pleasing door lock systems.

Magnesium Die Cast Door Lock Parts

For door lock accessories, die casting with magnesium alloys presents compelling options. Magnesium offers a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio among various materials, crucial for durable yet lightweight components. Neway's die-casting expertise ensures precision and consistency, meeting tight tolerances of ±0.05mm and exceptional surface finish of Ra 1.6. Magnesium alloys like AZ91D or AM60B provide specific advantages: AZ91D offers high strength and corrosion resistance, ideal for security-critical parts, while AM60B balances strength with excellent machinability. Die-cast magnesium parts benefit from reduced cycle times, achieving up to 30% productivity gains compared to alternative materials. Neway's proficiency in die casting guarantees top-notch door lock accessories, balancing performance, and efficiency.

Magnesium Alloy





Surface Finishing Options


Neway excels in diverse surface finishing options for door lock accessories in magnesium alloy die casting. Our expertise ensures impeccable finishes meeting demanding specifications, achieving surface roughness (Ra) levels as low as 0.8μm.

The surface treatments include shot blasting for uniform texture, electroplating for enhanced corrosion resistance, and powder coating for durability and aesthetics. Additionally, Neway offers anodizing to augment surface hardness and introduce color versatility. Chemical conversion coatings further enhance corrosion protection, ensuring long-term reliability. With meticulous attention to detail, our processes ensure superior surface finishes, meeting industry standards and customer preferences for magnesium alloy die-cast door lock accessories.

Typical Magnesium Die Cast Door Lock Parts

Neway crafts high-quality magnesium die-cast door lock parts, showcasing precision and durability. Leveraging the advantages of magnesium alloys, our door lock components exemplify strength and lightweight characteristics.

Latch Housing (AZ91D): Die-cast latch housing ensures robust security with the AZ91D magnesium alloy, offering a high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance.

Strike Plate (AM60B): Precision die-cast strike plates, utilizing AM60B magnesium alloy, strike a balance between strength and machinability, ensuring optimal performance.

Cylinder Housing (AE44): Our die-cast cylinder housing, employing AE44 magnesium alloy, provides exceptional dimensional stability, meeting tight tolerances for smooth essential operation.

Handle Base (AM50A): Crafted with AM50A magnesium alloy, die-cast handle bases combine durability with reduced weight, enhancing user convenience.


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